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Mad about coffee Melbourne Australia

 "Mad About Coffee..."

I'm Spilling the beans on... Natural Weight Loss Coffee!

About Me:

If you know me, Raelene Dellios. 

I am rather a simple person however, I love my comforts & nice things.

I have a pretty good life! I'm in my mid fourties, married with 3 amazing teenage/young men & a Superman of a husband. 

Yes..., I speak with my hand on my heart...I am extremely thankful, however Life isn't always easy.

I'd much rather be walking in my shoes rather than stepping into others.

I asked myself a question, honestly, what are the 5 most important things in my life.

They were :

  • Family
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Wealth         
  • Personal Satisfaction/Achievement.    
So I ask you!, "What is important to you?" "What are your 5 most important things in your life?"

Being brought up & also, marrying into a European family, I know & respect loyalty, values, unity & hard work ethics. 

I have had the honour & been spoilt by a degree, having the opportunity to stay home, being a home keeper/wife & having the true self satisfaction of raising our children. 

My Husband, Nick, spending many hours working, running a family generation built business, gave us this privilege. Recently, back in November of 2015, Nick, {My Husband}, had a tragic truck accident. 

Lucky to be here with us today, almost a year down the track, I felt a real need to totally take a look at our, real life picture.

With our family business still intact, solely, because of the inspiration & hard work from all our family & farming industry, we have survived.

It was now my time to find the inner me & make strong decisions on what I could do to contribute to our everything.

  • Family
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Wealth         
  •  Personal Satisfaction/Achievement                                                                                                                                         My back ground is hairdressing. I love communicating & helping others. I was now faced with life, to make changes & a dollar & potently a future income with a minimal outlay. As I had nothing to lose. I got on the internet. I looked at & tried many different avenues of work to make an income. I found myself still needing flexibility in taking my Husband, Nick, to Appointments, keeping a home & also taking part in our growing boys/men's lives.    This was always my 1st priority over my/our financial gain & security. Trying to balance this was a huge challenge. Sometimes It is simply all about timing, then Valentus came into our lives followed by Mad About Coffee.  Take a look here at a video on Making Money in the 21st century! About Mad About Coffee Melbourne Australia.
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