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Mad about coffee Melbourne Australia

 "Mad About Coffee..."

I'm Spilling the beans on... Natural Weight Loss Coffee!

Lose 12 lbs {5.44Kg} /inches in 24 days! 

                                                                  Take the PREVAIL 12-in-24 Challenge!

Reduce visceral belly fat Melbourne with our 12 in 24 plan!
Valentus Product - Prevail SlimRoast
Valentus Product - Prevail Trim
Valentus Product - Prevail Immune Boost

"This is the plan that works"

  Lose 12 lbs {5.44Kg} /inches in 24 days! 

The plan that evokes new changes that will become your new lifestyle.

It’s simple, easy to follow, doesn’t require any prescribed exercise, nor any specific meal plan!

Make sure you have your three boxes: x1 SlimRoast, x1 Trim and x1 Immune. 

 Weigh yourself. Take body measurements with a fabric tape measure & write them down. 

Some of our customers do also like to take before and after photos and photos at various stages. It helps keep you motivated as you see the changes in your body shape every month. This is VERY empowering to experience! Photos can be taken from the front, side and back, wearing tight clothing. 

Drink 3 drinks per day, for 6 days a week. Take the 7th day off, for 4 consecutive weeks.

Step 1 Half -hour before your breakfast: In a mug, mix xSlimRoast packet with 1/3 of cold water or skim milk then add hot water 

Step 2 1 hour before evening meal: In a mug, mix x1 Trim with 12oz of cold water. 

Step 3 Half-hour Bedtime: Mix x1 Immune packet with 12oz of warm to hot water and enjoy!

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day!
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Choose X1 SlimROAST, X1 TRIM & X1 IMMUNE. If you decide to go for option #3, Advanced Pack, this is a great saving!
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